MacDonald's Glencoe 8 years

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Ben Nevis Distillery
Cask Strength & natural color
2-5 werkdagen

Glencoe in Gaelic means the narrow valley or glen, but is also known as the Glen of Weeping.


It was early in the morning on the 13th February 1692 that Campbell of Glenlyon's men, on the order of King William, massacred the Macdonald's of Glencoe. As the snow began to fall, some managed to escape but others were slain in their beds of left to die in the snow.


Now it is famous fot its impossing scenic beauty with Buachaile Etive Mor at the gateway with the Three Sisters on the south and the spectacular wall of the Aonach Eagach ridge tot the north and the smaller but equally picturesque Pap of Glencoe at hte other end. Is can, at times be a sad, awesome landscape and at others truly majestic.


As the Ben Nevis distillery is situated near to Glencoe, they are proud to produce a whisky of quality like the Glen had a presence and grandeur which should be savoured at length.